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Shahana Hanif Talks About Life With Lupus on Ability Fierce

Shahana Hanif is running for City Council in District 39. She also has Lupus. Last week she sat down with Ability Fierce to talk about her experiences with our healthcare system and how she hopes to change some of the more glaring problems if she's elected. Improved para transit and family leave for parents of disabled children among the issues she supports. Shahana's parents are from Bangladesh and that gives her a interesting perspective on the healthcare system. She talks about having to explain complicated medical terms to mother who doesn't really speak English just as she was getting her diagnosis. She also talks about initially getting turned down for Access-A-Ride because she didn't seem sufficiently disabled despite having undergone a double hip replacement. She also talks about her experiences as a community organizer. She also supports Medicare for all and headed off to the big Bernie rally in Long Island City after our interview. So check out the latest episode and while you're there. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel, we've already surpassed the 4,000 hours required to monetize it, but we're still short 9,640 subscribers!!!!

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