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NYS Assembly Member Robert Carroll Speaks About Dyslexia and Medicaid Cuts on Ability Fierce

Assembly Member Robert Carroll is the guest on this week's episode of Ability Fierce. Bobby, as he lets us call him, was instrumental in helping us get my son Nick into SUNY Purchase. He has also introduced a bill in the State Assembly which will create a work group that would transform the way public schools teach dyslexic students. For Bobby, who grew up with dyslexia, it's a personal issue, but it's also a common sense one that could help tens of thousands of kids succeed in school and in life. We also discuss the looming Medicaid cuts and attitudes the attitudes many lawmakers display behind closed doors where they see caring for the disabled as charity rather than something essential for the public good. In this interview, I think Bobby reveals himself to be a major ally in the abilities revolution and we hope you'll tune in to watch.

You can catch Ability Fierce on Sunday night Jan. 12 at 8:00 p.m. on Brooklyn Free Speech Channel 3

In Brooklyn it appears on:

Spectrum 1996

Optimum 69

RCN 84

Across NYC it appears on:

Verizon 44

Around the globe (via live stream):

You can also catch the YouTube premiere Monday night Jan. 13 at 8:00 p.m. And while you're there please SUBSCRIBE!!! Really, I'm not kidding it's very important. We have enough hours watched to by visitors to monetize our channel but we're short 9,960 subscribers! Also if you love Ability Fierce please visit our Patreon page:

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