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Disabled Inclusion at Protest Marches

A few weeks back, I participated as a marshal in a protest march calling on Congress to protect Robert Mueller's investigation in the wake of Jeff Sessions' resignation. It's a fun thing to do and if you're interested you should definitely give it a try. All that's required is a single training session which was pretty much painless. I'm interested in marches and mass protests, because I believe they are a necessary tool in pressing for disability rights and I was pretty impressed with the march's loose, decentralized organization, which succeeded in bring thousands of people to the streets peacefully. I was even more impressed when I got an email from one of the organizers that included these two additional training videos about how to help the disabled participate in protest marches and make their voices heard regardless of the issue. I feel sometimes people think the disabled are only concerned about disability issues. And while it's true disabled people have enough to protest without branching out beyond issues that affect them, their concerns and their First Amendment right to protest should not be limited by their disability.

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