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Ability Fierce Makes TV Debut

Yes, that's right you can see the first episode of Ability Fierce on your television, if you have cable and live in Brooklyn or have Verizon FiOS 42 in Manhattan. There's also a link where you can watch it on the internet. The first episode features me speaking with disability advocate Amber Decker. The idea of the show is just to have a loose conversation with an advocate, disabled person or even caregiver, just to shine a light on the issues facing them that are too often ignored. I'm not promising stunning production values _ but I am working on improving them _ or even gripping television, but I think its important to have these discussion in public. Part of what I'm doing with this is learning myself and I figure this way people watching can learn, too. If you're interested in appearing on the show or know someone who you think would be an interesting guest, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm also working on getting the show broadcast in the rest of the city, but I have to negotiate that with different public access providers in each borough, so it may take a while. The show won't have a fixed air time until April but I'll keep you up to date if you follow this blog.

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