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This Video is Fire

If you have a disabled kid that needs a lot of care and they want to go away to go to college this video is -- as the kids say -- fire! I'll admit it's a pretty basic production but what it has to say is what's important. I'll also admit if you don't have or are not a disabled kid wanting to go away to college it might not seem that Earth shattering. But last year when I was trying to get my son Nick into SUNY Purchase it was pure gold. It provided a road map, a way of thinking about the whole experience and figuring out how to do something that shouldn't be nearly as complicated as it is. This video came to me from Ellen Astarita, whose son Joseph is on the spectrum. Joseph is capable enough to keep up the with the course work but needs a lot of help in his day-to-day routine. His problems are different from Nick, who has cerebral palsy, but the idea is basically the same. I think the amazing thing about Joseph and Nick's experiences are that by using student aides to help them they have both become more integrated into the campus community than many other kids with disabilities. And this is really what it's all about, isn't it? I'll be posting some more video about Nick's experience at college but in the meantime, I'm putting this up so that it can be of help to anyone who needs it. Feel free to share it around because it's the kind of information certain people desperately need and that is so hard to come by.

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