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Testify (Part I)

I gave a speech last night before the Citywide Council for NYC School District 75. It was very well received. I was asked to discuss self-direction which is the program we used to get Nick supported at college. It's a very good program but it's essentially a full time job to manage it. Ability Fierce wants to change that. We need to work toward as system that aims to seamlessly deliver high-quality care. Too many advocates have dedicated themselves to navigating a system that sucks up most parents energy and leaves them demoralized and often broke. We need to change the dynamic where we have people saying it's acceptable to have to wait five years for services or months for reimbursements or any other number of insults . Right now, the system is gamed to save money by not telling people about benefits or denying them benefits they are entitled to, hoping they don't have the stamina to appeal these decisions. This has to change.

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